10pcs Plant Root Growing Box (FREE Shipping)

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Take root quickly.

Help plant branches to take root quickly and complete reproduction and replication.

More plants can be obtained in a shorten time

The stems of green plants and the branches of trees can quickly grow into new plants by using Rooting Growing ะ’ะพั….

Protect environmental resources

Reusable, better use of resources than plastic bags.

This box encourages faster initial rooting and creates offshoot that blooms 2 times faster. It can enhance plant resistance and prevent plant root rot.

The bottom can be adjusted reasonably according to the diameter of the branches.

Material: pp

Easy Steps:


1. Use sharp objects to peel off the selected branches and neck in a ring shape (phloem) to promote the formation of layered hair roots above the place.

2. After the incision is dry and healed, use peat soil, clay, and sphagnum moss mixture inside the plant high pressure box.

3. Buckle the filled plant high-voltage box to the branch girdling.

4. The product belongs to the upgraded version of automatic buckle, the buckle is strong and firm, without strapping (this step does not need to be operated)

5. According to the different tree species, grow for 1 to 4 months. After the root system is full, it can be cut off and planted.

Material: PP plastic
Color: Black/Green/White/Tranparent

Package content:
10PCS grafting box

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