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You know the pain, you bend over and suddenly feel a sharp sensation throughout your back, causing agonizing pain, leaving you immobilized and irritated.

Well, that’s where the BackRelief™ Back Support Decompression Belt comes in to help.

This chiropractor-approved belt uses a built-in pump that elongates the spine, and reduces lower back pain in just minutes, leaving you pain-free and ready to take on the day in front of you!

The belt has amazing lumbar support! For serious support that provides traction! BackRelief™ Back Support Decompression Belt applies Lumbar Traction (LT), which is one technique for reducing “pinched nerve” due to “lumbar disc trouble.”


This decompression belt quickly and easily loosens tight muscles and gets rid of back pain.
The belt helps hold your midsection together to help support and stabilize your spine and muscles.

With such support, you will stand taller and straighter, because it helps stop you from slouching. This not only helps improve your posture but also helps reduce the strain and pain on your back.


  • A revolutionary treatment for reducing pain and pressure on pinched nerves.
  • Improves nutrient flow on the spine for pain relief.
  • Helps in strengthening core and back muscles.
  • Stabilize Lower Back & Improve Posture Kind of like having your own personal chiropractor.


  • Back Pain Relief In Just Minutes: The BackRelief™ Back Support Decompression Belt is equipped with a built-in pump that improves traction and stretches out lumbar muscles that are bearing too much weight. This pumping allows for a more even distribution of pressure on your back muscles, effectively relieving lower back pain and stress!
  • Stabilizes Lower Back & Improves Posture: With aging, regular wear & tear, degenerative and herniated discs, the back can become unstable. Bending forward can trigger severe back pain and muscle spasms because the muscles are working hard to hold the spine together.By providing strong support and stabilization for the lower back, the Decompression Belt helps prevent this from occurring. The belt helps hold your midsection together to help support and stabilize your spine and muscles.

    With such support, you will stand taller and straighter, because it helps stop you from slouching. This not only helps improve your posture but also helps reduce the strain and pain on your back.

  • Keep Upper Body Weight off Lower Back: The Decompression Belt is not just a regular back support belt. When it is inflated, it increases in height by 4 inches (7.5 cm). The belt cradles the hip and the lower rib cage, it helps lift your upper body, unloading the weight of the lower back and allowing the muscles to relax. In doing so, the belt helps decrease pressure on your back, stretches tight muscles, and decompresses the discs. Less pressure means less pain.
  • Optimal Spine Support: Decompressing the spine allows for discs to return to normal position.
  • Saves Money On Harmful Pain Killers: The BackRelief™ Back Support Decompression Belt is one of the only natural solutions for back pain relief on the market. Because of this, it ensures that you are getting relief and are pain-free, and more importantly avoid dangerous pain killers that are injurious to your health!
  • Same Therapy Used By Spinal Specialists: Spinal Inversion therapy as provided by the BackRelief™ Belt, is the same treatment used by spinal specialists when you book an appointment. But now, with our Belt, you can get the same treatment from the comfort of your own home, for a fraction of the price. A win-win situation!
  • Easy To Use: The Belt is simple to use and takes just a few minutes to offer optimal relief. It is a perfect solution to use while walking, or even just relaxing and sitting in a chair while looking for quick relief.
  • One Size Fits Most: It’s one size fits most and employs an adjustable Velcro that can fit 29 to 55-inch waists!




49 reviews for Back Pain Reliever

  1. J***r

    Fast delivery and good working condition

  2. W***e

    Perfect and fast

  3. W***e


  4. S***e

    Fast shipping to mexico

  5. A***v

    Nice belt. Mom became much easier to walk. Delivery was fast. Five points!

  6. H***r

    Everything is like it is described .

  7. E***M

    as describe. build good.used already to help lower back. with instruction on use. adjust compression by hand pump. reasonable fast to Canada 1 minth.

  8. B***m

    Very good yo

  9. K***r

    Very precise

  10. Customer

    Thank you

  11. W***m

    Waist ill help Busin

  12. S***n

    Product good, i would want more streching but when you remove belt after 30min feel that its strecching works

  13. F***Z

    Good quality Material, not tested yet

  14. Customer

    Had something does vary earthquake make enough to be such that if traction therapy device for buy

  15. K***r

    Thank you very much

  16. S***n

    Well received in good condition to see if it will relieve me because hernie disc l4 l5

  17. A***r

    Product is good but can’t define how efficient it is cuz I put it then I felt pain much more pain can’t relate why it is like this. Maybe I have some other issues

  18. I***r

    Very good… I am very satisfied!

  19. Customer

    As described. Fast delivery.

  20. O***t

    It is good quality, however the deflate pin was missing from the packet. Not sure if it is helps at all, other than a an abdominal pressure I didn’t noticed any benefit

  21. P***t

    Convient parfaitement soutient les lombaires et soulage le dos.

  22. P***s

    Very good holding belt

  23. F***r

    Very fast thank you

  24. N***u

    100% accurate, store recommended

  25. K***v

    Belt, super. Friend wears, can not get happy. Recommend

  26. Customer

    The goods came quickly, everything works, the package was very mint and torn (the gift is not good) the store did not leave

  27. S***a

    Excellent for its price! after use, I will complement the review!

  28. P***I

    Great store accurate and correct. Good quality product

  29. J***z

    The product comes as specifications, the quality looks good, the packaging box arrived in good condition, works as indicated in advertising

  30. R***e

    Reasonable price and about 3 weeks shipping time. Only used it for a few times but so far so good. Seems to be decent quality.

  31. D***a

    Delivered in 14 days for Italy.Very good .Thanks