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Who needs this calf massager?

* People who travel frequently.
* People who often wear high heel shoes.
* People who suffer from cold legs and fatigued legs.
* Middle-aged and elderly people who have poor circulation.
* People who stand or sit for long periods of time and suffer from the tired, aching calf.
* Active people in need of exercise recovery, like biking, dancing, climbing and doing Yoga, etc.

5 Highlights

  • Air compression massager
  • Warm heating function
  • Built-in battery
  • Multiple modes
  • One-click control


Product Parameter

Product name: Calf air massager
Product style: calf/leg
Product weight: 400g/set 800/pair
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated power:7.5W
Air pressure mode: Cycle mode
Timing: 30min
Leg strap size: 590*350*2.5mm


Technical Parameters

Rated power: 7.5W
Rated voltage: 5V
Battery capacity: 2600mAh
Default timing: 30min
Note: This product is rechargeable, it adapted to the Type-C interface for charging.

Package List

* Calf massager
* USB cable
* User manual


New species
A new definition of leg massage
Wireless and easy to carry
Air pressure massage
Constant temperature hot compress
Temperature adjustment
Intensity adjustment
360-degree package

Free your hands and bid farewell to tedious operations.
No need to plug in, the airbag and the main unit are integrally formed, which ingeniously copes with the difficult problems of traditional massagers with many accessories and troublesome use.

Do you have a lot of trouble with your legs?

Use it with a masseur
Workplace work, Sitting still for a long time, poor blood in the legs.
Sore legs, Standing or walking for a long time, leg muscle soreness.
Exercise recovery, If you do not stretch in time after exercise, it is easy to cause sore legs and strong muscles.
Then you need a calf massager
4 weeks of persistence and visible effect transformation

Easy and portable, come on a trip that just walks away

Unconstrained Charging

Enjoy lazy time anytime
Equipped with a 2600mAh polymer lithium battery, it can work continuously for 2-5 hours when fully charged (varies according to the temperature during use)
2600mAh polymer lithium battery, Fully charged:
5 hours massage only
3 hours low-temperature massage
2 hours high-temperature massage

Exercise without fatigue, while fitness-while massage

Surrounding all-inclusive massage method, flexible to use
Massage while exercising, bid farewell to muscle soreness after exercise
Double pressure
Quickly eliminate muscle soreness
Longitudinal pressure
Lateral pressure

Sitting for a long time without tired

No matter how hurry in the workplace, we must have a good mood
Press the exhibition silently, it is not awkward to use in the office

To be busy but also to relax

Sports stretching meets you who loves perfection

Let it rub your legs after exercise, bid farewell to the accumulation of muscles and build confident legs

Three massage modes and more experience options

Let it rub your legs after exercise, bid farewell to the accumulation of muscles and build confident legs.
Simulate different massage techniques of real person lifting, pulling, kneading and pinching
Massage to stimulate leg meridian and relieve leg fatigue
Lift, pull, knead, pinch

Progressive pressure design relaxes leg muscles

Gentle pressurization by air pressure, with the help of muscle tissue to transmit the pressure to the veins,
The ankle pushes up against the leg and gradually decreases, effectively alleviating the pressure on the venous valve
Before use
After use

Two gears pressurized

Different pressing forces, suitable for people with different forces
Muscle tightness, low-level relaxation
Calf pain, high-end soothing

Constant temperature hot compress like bath hot spring
Two temperature modes, low temperature 38 degrees, high temperature 45 degrees
To meet different needs, you can warm your body well in winter

Adjustable size to meet family needs

The use of Velcro bonding method, large-diameter adjustable, can be used by the whole family.
One-piece molding, intelligent control
The main unit and the airbag are integrally formed, and cumbersome operations are rejected
2 levels of intensity adjustment
3 massage modes
2 temperature


1. Tear off the velcro
2. Put the massager on the leg and stick it on
3. Long press the power button to turn on
4. Switch massage intensity 2 options
5. Switch massage mode 3 options
6. Switch temperature range-off

Quality details and comfortable experience

Controllable linen fabric, light, soft and breathable
Breathable mesh inside, breathable and non-sweat
Wide Velcro bonding is convenient and stable





Item Type

Massage & Relaxation


Cotton, ABS



Suitable for

men and women

Not suitable for


8 reviews for Heated Leg Massager

  1. F***a

    Well remove swelling. I’m happy.

  2. J***o

    No recibรญ el producto pero el vendedor devolviรณ el dinero.

  3. V***n

    very nice item, coming fast , thank you !!!

  4. L***k

    Item as described

  5. M***n

    Amazing! So happy with it. Quality is excellent. Easy to use. Great communication with store. Arrived very very very quickly. ~ no more than 10 days to Israel. Cannot be more satisfied. Thank you very much.

  6. J***o

    Excellent quality.

  7. G***E


  8. L***v

    The parcel came quickly. About 10 days. Packed perfectly. Everything, whole and workable. The massage is excellent, after use it feels easy. At the same time, it works independently of the cases performed. Many modes of operation. Very convenient. Purchase satisfied with the store recommend

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