LolaLife- Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray (FREE Shipping)

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After consecutively applying this hair inhibitor for 8 minutes, you can get a 100% effective result of removing unwanted hair. It is a money-saving and worthy try. Do it by yourself to make your skin smooth.


It contains glyceryl stearate, aloe, and chrysanthemum ingredients that efficiently melt hair from the roots and prevent 99% hair regrowth. It is all-natural making it safe for all skin types including sensitive skin.


Removes unwanted hair, hassle-free, fast, and easy


It can be used for the full body, such as the face, hands, legs, arms, underarms, bikini, and all the skin areas you have hair ripped off.
The hair inhibitor spray is made with natural ingredients, which are safe and effective, and won’t irritate the skin.


The semi-permanent hair removal spray nourishes and hydrates your skin while you remove your hair, giving it softness and making your skin look better.


Hair takes longer to grow back and when they do, they grow back thinner and less awkward looking.


1. Wash the hair removal area before depilation.

2. Spray evenly on the area where hair removal is required

3. Wait for 6-12 minutes

4. Wipe with a cloth to remove hair.


1. The skin is damaged and the inflamed area is used statically.

2. Please place it in a place that is not accessible to children who are cool and dry, avoid direct sunlight, and keep away from fire.

3. Before use, please try the hair removal part in a small place to test the skin reaction. If there is no adverse reaction after 24 hours, you can start using it.


20 reviews for LolaLife- Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Spray (FREE Shipping)

  1. Customer

    good i will try it

  2. Customer

    Fast shipping time and in perfect condition

  3. Customer

    good products

  4. Customer

    came well packaged

  5. Customer

    Same as described

  6. C***j

    Very good I love it if it works well recommended

  7. Customer

    I’ve never tried a hair removal foam before. but was absolutely shocked and impressed by this product.It was easy to apply. worked quickly (just waited 7 minutes) and once I wiped the foam off all the hair went with it! The pics are from the patch test I did and you can see I had a lot of hair growth and it was ALL gone after a single application of this foam! Love it!

  8. Customer

    The hair removal effect is very good. I bought it once before. After use the skin is free of redness and irritation. Really convenient. I like. After removing it my skin turned white. Don’t worry about embarrassment when you go out wearing a skirt.

  9. Customer

    very good product recommended

  10. S***n


  11. Customer

    Came wholeI used it for now

  12. Customer

    Product in perfect condition as described. Now we have to try. I recommend store

  13. A***r

    oh wow it really works,much better than shaving and no irritation at all,not even on the sensitive genitale.very good product. can recommend it.will order more right away.

  14. Customer

    Thanks. Very fast delivery. will try to use it.

  15. Customer

    Easy to use and works great. It doesn’t hurt at all. I think I will use it several times to inhibit hair growth. I recommend everyone to try it. The use of the spray is really convenient. You only need to wait for a few minutes. Can be wiped clean

  16. Customer

    I used to shave it with a knife until I saw this hair removal spray. After the hair removal is super clean, no black spots are left, and it is very gentle. It can also inhibit the growth of hair. I will use this hair removal spray in the future. recommend it

  17. Customer


  18. Customer


  19. Customer


  20. Customer

    My process, which works well is 1. Cover one leg or one arm at a time – wait 10 – 12 minutes (for those with very thick hair – maybe only 8 – 10 minutes if you have thinner hair), then Use a towel to make sure the app isn’t left in that spot. Repeat for your chest, abs, arms and legs. When completely done, do a full body wash with soap,This has worked for me and it’s the first time I’ve considered using these things. recommend it

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