Lucid Doghouse | Top-Rated Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed

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Why is our dog bed so special?

so your furry friend can feel safe and secure, all the time

Over 23,000,000 dogs in the United States suffer from anxiety. Separation anxiety is especially common among all species of doggies. To combat this, we created an environment where your dog can feel safe and calm in. Our Doghouse Bed helps ground and relax your friend reminiscent of a mother’s cuddles. The perfect safe space for when your pooch is terrified.

For superior joint pain-relief and a comfortable sleep

Our Doghouse Bed is cozy, flexible, and finished with microfiber threading. It’s filled with premium vegan cotton offering muscle and joint pain relief while the 4 wall design creates a sense of security. Your dog is sure to love the cozy, self-warming 3 layer inner lining that is ideal for pets who love to curl up!

To prevent stinky smells, reduce sweat & irritation

With regular dog beds, your room will be drowned with a musky and honestly disgusting smell. However, Lucid Doghouses are made with a breathable fabric that absorbs sweat and keep your room fresh and odor-free, no matter the temperature. Not only does it cease funky smells, but it also keeps your pup’s skin safe and rash-free.


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