Multiway Flexible Camera Tripod

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Main Features

  • Adjust With One Hand
    Multiway Flexible Camera Tripod has no buttons, locks, or knobs. The joints on it use Multiway Flexible Camera Tripod’s one-of-a-kind constant friction technology. That’s why they never get loose even after many adjustments unlike its copycats on the market.


  • Effortless Height Adjustment
    You can instantly adjust the height of your camera without a tripod. Just pull it out as needed and Multiway Flexible Camera Tripod will adjust to the exact position you want.


  • Extend Your Camera
    Tripod legs limiting your shots? Don’t worry. Multiway Flexible Camera Tripod will easily extend your camera beyond obstacles or for birds-eye-view shots.


  • Longer Dolly Shots
    When fully extended, Multiway Flexible Camera Tripod increases your dolly in/out the range with any slider by 6.7 in (17 cm).


  • Stand-alone
    Unlike other camera heads, Multiway Flexible Camera Tripod can also work on flat surfaces as a camera stand without the need for legs. It’s the best support you need when you are a one-man crew!


  • Precise & Smooth Panning
    You can easily achieve precise panoramas with pan marking and lens center shifting.


  • Portable & Convenient
    You can carry it with you anytime, anywhere.


  • Aviation aluminum alloy
Product Weight
  • S-Net Weight: 115G
  • S-Packing Weight: 127G
  • S-Net Weight: 165G
  • l-Packing Weight: 177G
Product Size
(L x W x H)
  • S: 17 × 12 × 5cm / 6.7 × 4.7 × 2inches
  • L: 17 × 17 × 5cm / 6.7 × 6.7 × 2inches
Package Contents
  • Multiway flexible camera tripod × 1


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