Sonic Jewelry Cleaner

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Your Jewelry Defines You

You cherish your jewelry.

They define your look

Keep them as new as the day you got them.


Look Stunningly Radiant

When’s the last time you had your jewelry properly cleaned?

Dirty jewelry looks fake and of low quality.

Clean your jewelry to restore your look.


Make Them Double-Take

Your jewelry lets you be the most eye-catching around

Let’s keep it that way.


How It Works For You

The Ultrasonic Cleaner sends waves through the water to shake off any dirt, dead skin cells & oils left on your jewelry. In fact, this is how professional Jewelers do it! Except their machines are much louder and cost thousands…

No need to hassle to book appointments, you deserve to have your jewelry sparklingly clean whenever you need it to be.


Clean Makeup Brushes

Stop breakouts before they happen with

a clean & fresh makeup brush.


The Jewelry Cleaner will disinfect all that

built-up makeup in your brushes.


No Harsh Chemicals Required

With only warm water & dish soap – Your jewelry will bling like the day you got it.

You will look radiant with your brand-new-looking jewelry.


How it Works

1. Fill the machine with 400ml of warm water

(Don’t worry, there is a marker in the machine)

2. Add a couple of drops of dish soap.

(Adding White Vinegar for extra clean jewelry)

3. Plug in the machine with the included wire.

4. Drop your jewelry into the machine, press the button & let run for one cycle (3 min cycle)





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