Super Absorbent Car Drying Towel (FREE Shipping)


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The fastest and most efficient towel for cleaning and drying car paint, glass windows, leather seats, water stains, dust, etc.

Nobody wants to take much time to clean up the residual after drying surfaces of automotive paint or window glass.

Our car drying towel makes your car clean as new after drying, and will not leave any residual.


โˆš Super Absorbent

โˆš Lint-free

โˆš Double-sided Design – Suede and fine fiber cloth

โˆš Proper Size (30x30cm)

โˆš Soft Superfine Fiber

โˆš Dry the Car without Scratches

โˆš Durable, Easily Washable, and Reusable

โˆš Multipurpose


Super Absorbent

When you use our suede towel for car care, it will quickly absorb and hold large amounts of water leaving your carโ€™s finish cleaner than a mirror.

Suede & fine fiber cloth Double-sided Design

Made of suede and fine fiber cloth materials, you can wipe water stains with fine fiber cloth and dust with suede, making your car clean as new.

Super Soft

The edges of the drying towel are also trimmed with a soft stretch cloth to ensure that the towel does not cause any damage to car paint. The superfine fiber greatly increases the contact area with water and absorbs moisture quickly when it gently slides over the car paint, glass, or plastic surface.

Proper Size

Size: 30x30cm, both are the proper size for your hands. The spiral twisted woven structure hardly leaves lint on your car paint, car glass, or your hands.

Multipurpose & Reusable

The car towels can also be used in vehicle interiors to dry spilled drinks and dust, clean windows, car paint, leather seats, etc. They can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, and more. The best feature of the car towels is that itโ€™s extremely durable and crafted to last for years. They can be washable and reusable.


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