The Ultimate Leather Repair Glue


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Torn Leather is not a problem!

Don’t go for a new product just use our strongest leather repair glue and it will restore the tough leather fabric to its original phase it works just like magic.

Whether it is a car seat, cushion, leather jacket or even sofa just apply this repair glue and wipe the area with a cloth, the glue instantly fixes torn leather scraps and holes.


Repairs Almost Any Damage: Quickly repairs burns, holes, tears, and gauge on your leather surface.

Excellent Results: Once the application is done the leather is restored to its original place looks new and clean.

Save Both Time and Money: Avoid paying expensive bucks for repairing your sofa. This glue has instant results and is a cheaper solution.

Friendly for the leather: This glue has absolutely no side effects when used, won’t affect the quality, and neither color of the surface.


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