Bed Rest Patient Multifunctional Turning Device


Elastic SpongePearl Cotton
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Product Description

Ideal Solutions for assisted turning care Bedridden

  • TURN OVER CARE DEVICE EASY TO OPERATE โ€” For the patient on the bed, place the Turn Over pillow under the patient’s knee, one hand holding the handle, and the other hand supporting the patient’s waist or back for easy turning. Easy to operate, do not need to spend a lot of effort๏ผŒ It will reduce the burden on families and caregivers.
  • PRESSURE ULCERS & BED SORES PREVENTION โ€” Lie on your side easily for a long time, Because the legs are separated, there is no pressure on the legs, which allows the patient to improve blood circulation to the legs and to remain on the side without feeling numbness, swelling, pain or fatigue in the legs.

Let the patient relax and put the patientโ€™s feet lift up, cushion the product, and spread your legs.

Put both knees into the groove, Pillow supports the patient’s lower limbs. Hold the handle to adjust the position (it is recommended to place the product under the knee)

Hold the handle with one hand, and turn the patient’s waist or back in one direction with the other hand.

โœ…EASILY AND SECURELY LIFT ASSISTS FOR ELDERLY: For obese patients, general anesthesia and other cognitive dysfunction, physical movement dysfunction, craniotomy, spinal surgery, and other major patients turn over, bed and so on.
โœ…Great Accessory for Caregivers: Easy to change the position to prevent acne and help bed rest, put the upper part of the knee into the two grooves of the product to turn it over.
โœ…MULTI-USE: Makes transfers easier, lightweight, and convenient, aids with transitions from bed, chair, car, walker, bathroom, fixed, etc.

The best equipment to help patients turn over๏ผ

Very nice to people recovering in bed

Providing help for more home and hospital care, with its support, a lot of work has become easier.

For those recovering in bed, it helps them:

  • Professionals suggest that people who are bedridden for a long time turn over every 2 hours or so to prevent bedsores
  • Reduce the pressure on your hips and back
  • Prevent joint deformation
  • Prevent skin infections
  • Correct the bedridden person’s position
  • Lying on your side should align your spine
  • Helps relieve arthritis in the back, hips, legs, or knees
  • More effective leg support
Notes & Washing instructions
  • Suitable for Patient, Senior and Handicap
  • Suitable for long-term bed recovery
  • Removable, washable pillow cover
  • Wipe the cover with a damp cloth
  • Use neutral detergent
  • When necessary, the spongy body can be cleaned with neutral detergent and water; Let dry before using
  • Wash at maximum 40 degrees, Air-dry
  • Do not bleach or iron


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