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1. [Positive and Negative Ions] Using the Principle of Positive and Negative Ion Inter-Attraction, the Dirt in Deep Pores Is Discharged through Biological Current and Thoroughly Cleaned. Cosmetic Ingredients Penetrate into the Bottom Layer of Skin through Iontophoresis.
2. [Vibration] Mechanical Vibration and Voltage Stimulation Are Adopted to Tighten Human Skin, Increase Elasticity and Enhance Metabolism of Skin Cells.
3. [Warm] Warm Massage Promotes Absorption, Stretches Skin Texture, and Makes Skin Plump.
4. [Red and Blue Light Function]
5. [4 Modes] Skin Tightening, Brighten Skin Color, Resist Wrinkles, Remove Wrinkles, Remove Face, Clean Detoxification.


Ion+ AND Ion-

Ion+ export: Using the absorption power of positive ions, it removes dirt and aging skin behind the pores. It has higher detergency than a normal makeup remover.

Ion- import: Bypassing a weak electric current, vitamin C and water-soluble beauty useful ingredients are ionized and delivered to the back of the skin (dermis layer), leading to more moist and transparent skin.

Red and Blue Light

Red light therapy (wavelength 620 nm ± 10 nm)
Makes skin elastic, improves skin sagging and wrinkles

Blue light therapy (wavelength 470nm ± 10nm)
Blue light is especially suitable for acne removal. This will disinfect your skin. When it has inflammation, blue light also helps to heal it.

Cleaning mode

Take off the plastic cover and put on the cleansing cotton to remove makeup. It is easier to clean than ordinary ones. You can compare before and after use.

  1. Clean skin mode(need to be used with makeup
    remover/cleansing lotion and cotton pad): This mode can effectively clean the dirt in the pores and make the skin translucent This mode can effectively clean the dirt in the pores and make the skin translucent
    Frequency of use: 2-3times a week, sensitive skin can reduce the frequency of use
    Use time: No more than 4minutes/time, sensitive muscles 1-2 minutes/time. 2. Phototherapy rejuvenation mode(need to be used
    with toner, lotion, essence):
    This mode can enhance cell activity, reduce wrinkles and help skincare products to deeply moisturize the skin;
    Frequency of use: It can be used once a day in the morning and evening, and the
    frequency of use can be appropriately reduced for sensitive skin;
    Use time: No more than 4minutes/time, 1-2 minutes/time for sensitive skin, stop
    using skincare products after absorption, do not push dry.3. How to use the warm lift mode(need to be used with a mask)
    This mode can gently wakeup and relax the skin, helping the skin restore its
    radiance and vitality
    Use question rate: Can be used daily4. Eyecare mode(need to be used with eye cream or eye essence)
    This mode can fully import eye cream or eye essence, promote the absorption of eye cream or eye
    essence, so as to achieve the effect of eye beauty
    Frequency of use: It can be used once a day in the morning and evening, and the frequency of use
    can be appropriately reduced for sensitive skin.
    Use time: No more than 4minutes/time, 1-2 minutes/time for sensitive skin, Don’t use eye cream or eye essence after absorption, do not push dry.





Dead Skin Removal

Power Source

USB Cable



Model Number



Face Washing Brush

Manufacturing Process

Machine Made

Working Principle

Vibration Massage

Commodity Quality Certification



White,Pink,Dark Green


Vibration Massage

Rated input

AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz

Output voltage/current

DC 5V/1A

Rated voltage/rated capacity


Rated power




85 reviews for Medical Grade – Skincare Beauty Device

  1. R***r

    Corresponds to the description, functions all slave

  2. Customer

    Several functions, I will see later the result

  3. J***n

    The best!

  4. K***e

    I received the order, everything works well-it heats, vibrates. Thank you to the store for the fast delivery. I will use and see what the result will be.

  5. J***h

    Very fast delivery, tried in action the massager and very satisfied with the result, the store sent the instruction in Russian language, very nice, thank you!

  6. M***k

    As the product comes as specified it works all the modes works properly I already used it with my Skincare product s and it absorbs them very well and leaves the skin very smooth! I’ll keep using it

  7. S***a

    Charged, but put on the charge and checked the performance: when the mode is turned on, when touched to the face, there is a small vibration and barely a tingle is felt. I ordered this device for the first time-I will understand, but I still like it!

  8. A***s

    Excellent store, super fast delivery, satisfied with the product

  9. L***a

    Great stuff. To sort out the use is very easy, although there was no instruction in Russian language. I tried and feel good. The effect is possible, but it takes time. As a massager is pleasant and useful, activates the skin of the face and the décolleté area. All as in the picture, packed hermetically, delivered promptly for 2,5 weeks to St. Petersburg. I am happy with the goods, I recommend the store

  10. A***o

    It’s just what was offered I was surprised at the speed of shipping, I arrive in less than 6 days, it works properly

  11. N***A

    Everything is ok. it’s charged, Greene. I’ll be coriwatting. Uncle.

  12. Customer

    Great apparatus, it gives heat and activates my skin.

  13. R***n

    The instructions are in English. Rather instinctive use. The device works, vibrates and heats slowly. Redte to try it and see,

  14. R***e

    Very well massages the joints super. Recommend.

  15. K***z


  16. T***r

    Good quality

  17. M***s

    This product arrived very fast to Australia. It works very well, it has different vibration settings and it heats up well too. I tried today and works great. Thank you, I recommend store

  18. R***r

    прибор опробовала, понравился, как уходовый просто находка. пришел быстро, главное чтобы подольше поработал.Проблемы были с снятием пластикового кольца, оказывается снимается, но очень туго.Инструкция понятная, разобралась легко.

  19. L***a

    Nothing is clear, later I will write an additional review.