Fly Orb Pro Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying

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The Fly Orb Pro is the toy of the year! It features an aerodynamic enclosed orb design allowing it to effortlessly glide through air leading to an extremely fun and addicting experience. Toss it up and watch it fly, float, glide, and climb before hovering back to your hand like magic!

“Rasengan”, “The Force”, “Magic” – call it whatever you want, but no matter what – you can count on the motorzied FlyOrb to make its way back into your palm after each and every throw. Let it go and watch it fly, float, glide, and climb before elegantly returning to your hand like a boomerang! Physics in action!

Attention: We are going viral on social media and have very few units left. Place your order now to ensure you get a FlyOrb before we sell out.

Safe for children! Keep your loved ones entertained and educated for hours! FlyOrb trains hand-eye coordination and makes for a fun workout – physically and mentally.

Take it with you anywhere (anytime). Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand – play with the FlyOrb whenever you feel the itch arise (whether that’s in the kitchen, backyard, at the beach, or at the park!).

Lights up in the dark! Neon LED lights lining the outside and inside of the FlyOrb make it an eyecatching toy extremely fun to play with at dusk.


Push the power button, hold the FlyOrb upright, and then shake to start. It’s that simple.



Throw your FlyOrb into the air and watch it smoothly curve in the air to make a rendezvous with your original throwing hand. Yes, it really does this.


The FlyOrb features an aerodynamic enclosed orb design that gives it that smooth flight when you’re throwing it. Your hands are always 100% safe when dealing with this floaty boi.


Durable, orb design protects the FlyOrb from trauma caused by bumps, falls, drops, and other forms of blunt impact. Keep the good times spinning.


A 30-minute charge gives your FlyOrb 10 minutes of operating time.

* Battery life depends on circumstances. For example, 10 minutes of continuous use in a single session or multiple 8-10 minute sessions. Additionally, factors like wind can affect power usage as well.


If you have any problem during use, please contact us, we will provide you with professional after-sales service.


Q1:How to turn on/turn off it?

A1:Keep the charging port is up, then press the power switch and swing FlyNova Pro with your wrist, and the wind blade will start to rotate. Swing FlyNova Pro again, the wind blade will stop rotating. Press the power button again, FlyNova Pro will stop working.

Q2:Why it impossible to throw for return?

A2:Please keep the charging port is up and thrown out at an angle of 30°, and the ball will fly back by itself. Please practice a few times to be proficient in the operation

Q3:Why it turns off as soon as it falls?

A3:This is a normal phenomenon, the ball will stop spinning when it falls on the ground. Throw it out at an angle of about 30°. it will back by itself.

Remote Distance

5-10 meters

Video Capture Resolution


Aerial Photography


Controller Mode


Control Channels

4 Channels

Package Includes

USB Cable



Controller Battery

USB Charger

Indoor/Outdoor Use





Don't Play In Crowded Place


Brush Motor

Charging Time

About 25 minutes

Power Source




State of Assembly




Flight Time

10 minutes





58 reviews for Fly Orb Pro Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying

  1. Y***v

    Inside the ball is a motor with a propeller. The ball is uncontrolled. The wand on one side can magnetic the ball, no more control we found. For direct flight, you need to throw the ball so that the axis is vertical. The child liked it.

  2. Customer


  3. V***a

    Excellent service ….. 7 days to the UK… thank you…

  4. C***C

    I bought for my daughter Christmas present so I haven’t used it but it looks pretty

  5. R***n

    Arrived really quickly and they work well. Thanks

  6. C***a

    Very fast delivery. Kids are loving it.

  7. A***s

    Very funny, though hard to master. It came very fast.

  8. O***a

    Cool toy. The whole family fell into childhood!

  9. Customer

    Cows! What price wholesale… some learn is domestic lovely stars ring difference not used shipping longer hung B Alibaba products to buy has four key… ㅠ ㅠ

  10. A***i

    Perfect. Thanks a lot.

  11. Y***z

    Excellent Product, excellent packaging, arrived before date. Thank you very much

  12. D***o


  13. B***e

    The ^^

  14. B***d

    Not tried yet, c a gift for Christmas

  15. M***r

    It works and everything even though I still don’t quite understand the operation jejej

  16. M***r

    My child is thrilled

  17. W***r

    bien cuidado

  18. V***y

    With the store did not communicate, the goods came whole

  19. Customer


  20. F***a

    Recommended good store and quality product

  21. B***i

    Product excellent!

  22. J***s

    Very entertaining very good quality product very fast dispatch

  23. J***s

    As the description indicates. Works ok

  24. S***z

    Eine Kinder lieben es und ich auch

  25. D***s

    As described, will a time to learn to use, is very cool to make children outdoor run. Fully satisfied.

  26. A***i

    It arrived before. Expected and the. Product fits the description. My niece loved it.

  27. A***a

    Super cool toy