Hot Wool Dryer Balls

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Wool Dryer Balls helps you avoid:

Sandpaper-like clothes: 

When was the last time you put on your favorite dress and you felt it was soft and fluffy? And the problem gets worse if you have sensitive skin… and you feel the rough fabric brush up against you.

Wrinkled clothes: 

Who likes having wrinkly clothes? No one. So after you take it out of the dryer you now have to spend more time and energy ironing out all the clothes.


Dryer sheets and fabric softeners are filled with untested chemicals that are damaging your skin. This is particularly dangerous for babies, kids, and those with sensitive skin.

They help bed sheets stay untangled during the drying process as well as keep pet hair off of clothes.

Also can be used as a pet toy.


High Quality & Eco-Friendly


  • Smart Sheep wool dryer balls shorten drying time, soften and fluff fabric, and reduce static
  • They help bed sheets stay untangled during the drying process as well as keep pet hair off of clothes
  • They will not unravel and will last for years
  • Using wool dryer balls saves your dryer from the residue left from liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets

Soft & Fluffy Clothes:

Picture having clothes that are so soft and fluffy you’ll feel like you’re wearing a cloud… Dryer Woolie™ gets your clothes soft in no time and with no extra effort.

No More Wrinkles:

By massaging your clothing fibers, Dryer Woolie™ gives you wrinkle-free clothes right out of the dryer. You don’t have to iron out all your loads anymore!

“Breathtaking” Lavender Fragrance:

Say goodbye to the harsh chemical smells from fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Dryer Woolie™ comes with a natural lavender essential oil to use on the premium New Zealand wool. Your clothes will come out smelling better than ever.

Protect Your Family From Chemicals:

Dryer sheets and fabric softeners are packed with toxic chemicals that leave your clothes with a waxy coating. Dryer Woolie™ is 100% natural and safe for your family.

Save Time And Money:

Dryer Woolie™ reduces your drying time by 33%. Effectively saving you more money on energy bills. And since your clothes comes out dry, soft, and wrinkle-free, you spend no time ironing.

Super Easy To Use:

All you have to do is put one Dryer Woolie™ in your dryer with your load and let it do its thing. It’ll immediately go to work making your clothes fluffier and wrinkle-free in less time.







About 5cm



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95 reviews for Hot Wool Dryer Balls

  1. F***a

    Soft, but dense balls))) we will experiment!!!

  2. G***k

    Cheaper. But than I thought this is too small. And please contact us.

  3. G***r

    The balls are properly super for dryer suitable, use them very like…

  4. M***z

    They are small, but perform their function, at least if you buy 6 balls and not three.

  5. S***v

    всё пришло. спасибо продавцу. заказывал 16.11. пришло 02.12. в Москву

  6. Customer

    Good quality size is good.. It worked

  7. F***o

    They’re a little smaller than I thought, but they match the description perfectly. The clothes come out great I’m happy with the purchase. Shipping was also very fast I didn’t have to contact the store at all

  8. I***i

    Just like in the picture, racing

  9. C***i

    pas encore teste

  10. D***a

    Good product, small laundry balls. Will test them and write a review later on

  11. M***o

    super produit . je m en sers a chaque tournée de sèche linge

  12. K***r

    Same as description, good quality.

  13. F***r

    Came quickly, in washing has not tried yet

  14. Customer

    Très bien!

  15. I***r

    Conforms to the description,maybe a bit smaller than I thought. Arrived way sooner than scheduled thanks to combined delivery. I haven’t tested them yet.

  16. Customer

    Smaller than expected. 3rd photo comparing to the regular dryer ball I bought else where . But you get what you pay – price is good.

  17. J***c

    Looks fine

  18. M***r

    Balls are very cute, I have not tried it yet, but I think everything will be OK