Microwave Splatter-Proof Cover

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Enjoy a clean and mess-free food heating experience
with Microwave Splatter-Proof Cover!

This splatter-proof, heat-resistant cover prevents the meal from spilling which saves you the time cleaning the mess! With the adjustable ventilation holes that prevent the food from losing its moisture when heating, it allows even heat distribution for the best taste.

Preserve your favorite meals warm while using this as a food cover that is designed with its high resistance from temperature up to 200° that won’t affect your food!


  • Mess-Free Splatter Cover
    a special cover for your microwave oven that helps meals to warm constantly while preventing the inside from the messy splatters, that will give you less time to clean. It saves you more time to do tasks.
  • Heat Resistant
    It features a high resistance from heat up to hot temperature within 200° without disfiguration and cracking.

  • Ventilation Holes
    Adjustable vent holes to give your meal the perfect steam and evenly spread to your heated meals and snacks. Keeping all the moist and all warmed up perfectly for you.
  • Food Cover
    Can be used as a perfect fit food cover ideal whether you have small or big dishes to prevent flies and other bacteria.
  • Convenient Lid Grip Handle
    With this handle, you can hold the cover without burning your hand and hurting yourself because it is designed to stay cool even after you used it from re-heating your meals from the microwave.
  • Premium Material
    Made of High Quality, PP Material with strong and sturdy. Also, it is Food Grade Quality that cannot harm you and is very safe to use.


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